How intuitive are you? Find out now! Using your web browser, it only takes about ten minutes to answer 30 items in the PSI Survey and to receive a personal profile (see example) of your rational versus intuitive preferences. After you have completed the online version of the survey, we highly recommend that you try out the complete PSI Learning Kit which includes three other tools to help you get the most out of your Strategy Profile.


December 2018

Website Ownership Now Available

Are you interested in owning and operating The Intuitive Self website and the Personal Style Inventory survey?

As you may know, Dr. Bill Taggart, the site's creator and owner, operated the website from 1999-2012. At that time, he designated Dr. Betty Scott to take his place in the care of the site. In 2014 (two years before his death in 2016), he transferred its ownership to her. His hope was that she would keep it open for all users and also that she would find an educational institution who would house and make it available there permanently.

Dr. Scott, during her tenure with the site from 2012-2018, has prepared a full proposal to accompany the desired next transfer of ownership: Proposal for the Ownership Transfer of Dr. Bill Taggart's The Intuitive Self Website (TIS) – – & Personal Style Inventory (PSI) – Survey and Database – June 2017.

This proposal contains the history, operation, survey, database, instructional materials and other necessary information to facilitate the next successful ownership transfer. It strives to offer everything the next owner will need to continue the fulfillment of Dr. Taggart's dream.

Contact Dr. Betty Scott for more information.

PSI Training Available

Interested in having an individual or group presentation on the Personal Styles Inventory?

Contact Dr. Betty Scott to schedule:

(702) 254-2675

Dr. Scott has used this instrument since 1991 in college (Leadership) classes as well as professional seminars and serves as the designated presenter for the PSI. We believe you will find her expertise of great value in opening up your understanding of the personal and professional benefits of this tool!

Further Explanation and Understanding

After doing the survey and reviewing your Personal Profile page, you may find the article entitled Further Explanation and Understanding of the Personal Styles Inventory Instrument helpful. It will be available for download at the end of the survey.

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