Four powerful ways I have discovered my intuitive truth are poetry, photography, drawing and travel. My discoveries have been expressed in symbols through words (poetry), scenes (photography), images (drawing) and words and scenes (travel).

By revealing a deeper sense of self than I was aware of, these explorations guide me to a source of wisdom buried deep within the Self. Meditating on my explorations helps me cleanse the doors of perception to connect with that inner source of wisdom.

The self versus Self distinction has been essential to my journey. The Photography and Drawing explorations highlight this idea. The contrast is based on Roberto Assagioli's psychosynthesis model of personality. (Click your browser's Back button to return.)

Assagioli's concepts are the Conscious Self (self) and the Higher Self (Self). I discovered the power of these ideas completing the Certificate in Psychosynthesis awarded by The Synthesis Institute of Miami. They have become guideposts for me on the road of life.

I have tried to approach their messages with a fluid mind. Taken literally, the words, scenes and images have little meaning; but viewed as symbols of something deeper, I am awestruck again and again by what they have revealed to me.

Poetry Photography Drawing Travel