Photography provides another opening to intuitive meaning in my life. When friends saw my photographs, they encouraged me to do more, not because of artistic merit, but for the explanations I gave of how the pictures helped me appreciate my place in the world.

I learned that photographs carry intuitive messages as much as poems, drawings or travel. These images were taken during my travels in India. This mystical center of our world turned out to be an extremely rich source of visual insights for Self discovery.

Here are my meditations on the photographs.

This is my favorite image. This vibrant young girl spends her days selling flowers in a Bangalore square. Although neither of us spoke the other's language, I was inspired by her joyously unrestrained energy as we bantered over the sale of a flower.

The more I reflected, the more my mind reeled at how a person living in abject poverty could exude the gift of life. Living in the lap of luxury, I wondered when and how my spark had dimmed. In the Bangalore square I met my guru on the path to wholeness!

During a late afternoon stroll in a farm village, I approached two young girls returning from an upland pasture. One young goat was too young to make the trek. I was taken by the tender mercy shown by the shepherdess for this "lamb of god."

The interlaced poppies capture the golden unity of the infinite manifestations of god and goddess that have sprung from the mind of "man" through the millennia. Their intimate union reminded me once again that we are The Family of Man.

The breasts of the Vedic goddess sparkled brightly in contrast to the bronze relief's patina. To ensure fertility, female visitors rub her breasts as they enter the temple. I rubbed her belly, to call upon feminine energy to preserve our planet.

An indigenous tribe strives to keep their ancient traditions. The young "warrior" uses his bow and arrow to capture birds to feed the members of his tribe. He could inspire today's youth to nurture our culture with the wisdom of traditional values!

The golden orb of the sunflower reminds me of our solar system. The more we learn about our galaxy in the universe, the more I sense we are part of a larger mystery. The simple elegance of the physical complexity points to meaning beyond knowing.

Grandfather and grandson are sharing some magic moments. The respect that passes between generations preserves the bonds of love. May the elders' wisdom endure so that we do not continue pitting brother against brother over differing ideologies.

An elder patiently feeds the cattle their ration. These animals are valued "members" of the farm family. Mutual survival depends on fresh milk on the table and harness energy in the fields. Each family member contributes in some unique way.

The mother and her children are on their way to Saturday market. They will buy supplies and visit with friends. These informal gatherings expose diversity in the community. As the net cast by the group expands, greater tolerance is needed to keep the peace.

Through mutual support, community members bond for their greater good. The flowering blossoms blend into a lovely bouquet. Each member helps or is helped by their neighbor. As goodwill reaches beyond the family, community strength is assured.

My leisurely visits to tourist spots and walks through farm villages in India offered many photo opportunities. My meditations on the scenes are not practical suggestions. Rather they are spiritual guideposts that have clarified and sustained the meaning of life for me.