Confronting Fear

What is this gripping fear?
This anxiety at the ceynote's edge?
The weak legs that power the plunge?

I will be "here" after the end of time as
I was "here" before the beginning of time.
To believe otherwise is my maya in Mayaland.

Marching down the way with head held high,
I willingly offer myself in sacrifice to Chac
For Chac is just one of the names for my source.

I plunge into the depths of the dark pond
In order to rise again in another expression.
To do otherwise resists the cycle of existence.

Since the Tao has been and will be forevermore,
I can be no less than that from whence I came.
To return to my source is to recognize that I am Tao.

This metaphor from another time says
Plunge into the world with head held high
As I did walking the way in that time and place.

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