Befriending the Bitch

Hello beautiful Bitch - You chaotic devil you.
Your disturbing presence frightens me.

Just when life seems to be smooth sailing
You pull the rug from beneath my feet.
Just when joy is creeping into my life
You dump a bucket of shit on my head.

You express yourself in many ways:
The sudden misunderstandings in relationships,
The abrupt reversal of fortune in life's progress,
The unexpected loss of something that's very dear.

I must learn to see you face to face, eye to eye.
I must learn to embrace your horrible beauty.
I must learn to suckle quietly at your breast,
Since without your pain, there can be no pleasure.

The universe contracts as I breathe in.
The universe expands as I breathe out.
You are the primal energy at the core of the universe.
Without your rthymn in my life, a grey dullness descends.

How can I deny you and really continue to live?
I cannot - Let me embrace you Black Kali.

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