God Hunger

What is this gnawing, empty feeling in the pit of my belly?
What is this praying for release that has no final resolution?
What is this crying out from the depths of passion's embrace?
"Give 'it' to me!" - "Give 'it' to me!" - "It?" - Yes - "It!"

I seek to know God first hand through my significant other.
Your god-goddess candle being beckons me to merge.
You are the image of my primal twin seeking reunion.
You are Shakti to my Shiva, I am Shiva to your Shakti.

You come to me     as Eve's mother nourishment,
as Helena's sexual energy,
as Mary's deep friendship,
as Sophia's inner wisdom.

To know and love you, I come to know and love God.
But I must connect with care lest I veer from the goal I seek
Through worship of human form instead of the god within.
"It" is not out there in you, "It" is in here in me!

You can only be a catalyst for my emerging awareness.
Through connecting with you, I bond sexuality with my heart.
With Kundalini Shakti harnessed in the service of realization,
The riches of heaven shower down on us from above.

I commit first to the inner search for God.
I commit then to a path that lights the way.
I commit later to a like minded soul companion
That we may nurture each other's awakening.

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