Reminding Me

From Santa Cruz, California, USA
To Santa Cruz, Mumbai, India.


Arriving at the mother lode of spiritual knowing
In a land honoring the inner search for truth,
Reminding me of the universal quest for soul.

Dozing off lightly after the exitement of arrival and
Later waking to horn sounds heralding the dawn,
Reminding me that all "noises" are God's voice.

The striking beauty of untold sari-clad women
Walking in a profusion of varied color and pattern,
Reminding me now of the infinite oneness of all.

School boys in a terraced garden above the city
Their open, easy, friendly, infectious laughter,
Reminding me of my own precious humanity.

Then high flying carrion birds circling low
To pick flesh from the carcasses of Parsi dead,
Reminding me that I too will return to the source.

City streets choked with cars, mobbed with people
Each on their apointed journey from here to there,
Reminding me that we are all in this together.

Careening through traffic in a roller coaster taxi ride
Only narrowly averting what seem like imminent collisions,
Reminding me that this amusement park ride is for real.

Visiting Mani Bhavan to learn of Ghandi's long ago betrayal
When a man of "color" was removed from a first class train car,
Reminding me that life is what happens in this moment.

This journey around a tiny planet
Is a passage across the universe.

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