Poetry offers me a direct connection to The Intuitive Self. Revealing insights are most likely when the words spontaneously flow from the heart and mind onto the paper. The following poem is an example:


Breathing in
Breathing out
The primal pulse.

The lotus opens
To gently reveal
Its inner essence.

That is as close as I have come to succinctly stating the essence of the intuitive experience as I have come to understand it. In contrast when a poem feels labored or needs frequent rewriting, the discoveries do not seem as revealing.

Often the insight is not clear at first reading. As I reread a poem later, a new level of meaning may emerge. The highlighted words identify these meanings that I have discovered as each layer of the onion peels away.

Since the poems arise in many forms and situations, I created a "classification scheme" for identifying the Subjects. Each poem also has a Theme that captures the spirit of the words. Click on the poem title to view the full text.

The Poems

  • Bill


    Subject: Family/Friend
    Theme: Written by my Mother.

    . . . What are you seeking dear youth
    as you look into horizons afar? . . .

  • A Smile


    Subject: Self
    Theme: The healing of the selves.

    . . . Now is the time to rise from the ashes
    To bloom again in the field of life
    With my fellow beings, travelers all. . .

  • Two Hearts Beating Together


    Subject: Self
    Theme: Reclaiming my natural self.

    . . . It brings me laughter,
    Simple childlike laughter. . .

  • Dear Dad


    Subject: Self
    Theme: Expressing the need for love.

    . . . Just a word of encouragement,
    Good job, That was great, I'm proud of you! . . .

  • Oh Shit Harry!


    Subject: Sexuality
    Theme: Mental and physical abuse.

    . . . I couldn't let go no matter how hard I tried. . .

  • Dance


    Subject: Soul
    Theme: Androgyny blending opposites.

    . . . I absorb the sun
    And moon into my soul
    For my connection to the source. . .

  • Lost and Found


    Subject: Companion
    Theme: Connecting to the larger "family."

    . . . I found my family,
    The family of man. . .

  • Staff of Life


    Subject: Soul
    Theme: Harvesting the matured grains.

    . . . I too am Connected to the earth,
    Filled with ripened seed,
    Leaning toward the lee. . .

  • Confronting Fear


    Subject: Soul
    Theme: Metaphor of the cenote's sacrifice.

    . . . Plunge into the world with head held high. . .

  • The Crucible


    Subject: Soul
    Theme: Discovering the pearl within.

    . . . This flame burns away the
    Fears, habits, attachments
    That hold back my essence. . .

  • Swirling Together


    Subject: Sexuality
    Theme: Sexual creativity of the divine.

    . . . Shiva and Shakti swirling together
    Manifest the Divine Androgyne. . .

  • Merry Lane Trail


    Subject: Process
    Theme: Birth of new requires death of old.

    . . . Now I am alive!
    The pearl lies exposed! . . .

  • Moonwoman and Starman


    Subject: Relationship
    Theme: Doing and being reflecting each other.

    . . . As she casts her spell of being,
    And he weaves his web of doing. . .

  • Life's Longing


    Subject: Soul
    Theme: Soul searing encounter.

    . . . Whatever comes will bless us
    With it's pleasure and pain
    That reveals life's lessons for us. . .

  • On the Brink of Ecstasy


    Subject: Process
    Theme: The promise of the shadow dance.

    . . . If I can learn to see you for who you really are,
    And you can learn to see me for who I really am,
    Then we can learn to dance the creation
    Of the universe from moment to moment . . .

  • Demons and Monsters


    Subject: Self
    Theme: How selves distort the Self.

    . . . Beneath these emotions lie my need for validation.
    Beyond those emotions lie my need for reassurance. . .

  • Befriending the Bitch


    Subject: Goddess
    Theme: Complementary sides of pain and pleasure.

    . . . I must learn to see you face to face, eye to eye.
    I must learn to embrace your horrible beauty.
    I must learn to suckle quietly at your breast,
    Since without your pain, there can be no pleasure. . .

  • Trembling on the Brink


    Subject: Relationship
    Theme: Trapped in the past.

    . . . They taste of passion in their sexual embrace
    Suggesting the promise of the larger life beyond
    As they lie trembling on the brink of ecstasy
    That lies just down the road and to the left. . .

  • At the Library


    Subject: Process
    Theme: The limits of rational knowledge.

    . . . Warning from the Taoist Surgeon General:
    Libraries may he harmful to human survival. . .

  • God Hunger


    Subject: Goddess
    Theme: Committed to recovering the goddess.

    . . . I commit first to the inner search for God.
    I commit then to a path that lights the way.
    I commit later to a like minded soul companion
    That we may nurture each other's awakening. . .

  • Unconditionally


    Subject: Companion
    Theme: Being there for a companion.

    . . . Anytime, anyplace, I am here for you.
    Nurtured from the depth of my soul,
    Know that this is my heart
    That opens like a lotus for you. . .

  • In the Sea Cave


    Subject: Goddess
    Theme: Recovering the projected goddess.

    . . . Rocks worn smooth by the lessons of time
    Teach that I must discover the source within
    Rather than project it out on the lovely creatures
    Who cast their spells on my unwitting soul. . .

  • Hieros Gamos


    Subject: Relationship
    Theme: Celebration of the inner marriage.

    . . . Wholeness is possible for those
    Who release the bonds of blame. . .

  • Now


    Subject: Soul
    Theme: The soul lives in the present.

    . . . Living in the past or
    Dreaming of the future
    I forget who I am. . .

  • In the Church


    Subject: Self
    Theme: Integrating selves into Self.

    . . . As we join in the hieros gamos,
    I celebrate the union of my selves. . .

  • Reminding Me


    Subject: Process
    Theme: Lessons from the flow of life.

    . . . This journey around a tiny planet
    Is a passage across the universe. . .

  • Surf


    Subject: Process
    Theme: Yielding to the flow.

    . . . Tumbling down,
    Washing away. . .