He thought of the incomprehensible sequence of changes and chances that make up a life, all the beauties and horrors and absurdities whose conjunctions create the uninterpretable and yet divinely significant pattern of human destiny. (Note 1)

As did Robert MacPhail in Aldous Huxley's novel Island, I began to ponder the fabric of my life while working on this web site. It dawned on me that the tapestry of my experience was reflected in the content of the pages. One question came to mind with increasing frequency as I created page after page: "Where did that come from?"

This memoir evolved out of curiosity about that question. In answer, I discovered a divine pattern woven in the fabric my existence. The more deeply I plumbed its meaning, the more I found every moment had been pregnant with meaning. However having lost my connection with The Intuitive Self, I was not attuned to those moments. These threads are my reflections on the recovery of that sense of knowing available at the core of every being who is "present to the presence."

Table of Contents

Thread: Searching for Spirit
  • Knotwork Patterns
  • The Big Picture
      Still Searching
    The Blindmen and the Elephant
    Planet Earth Nervous System
  • Learning from Metaphor
  • Church and Religion
      Comparative Religions 101
  • All the Wrong Places
      The Allegory of the Cave
  • Prayers and Affirmations
      My Koan
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Discovering the Tao
      Move with the Present
  • Recognizing Epiphanies
      Transcendent Moments
  • Seeking Community
  • National Organizations
  • A Community of One
Thread: Early Years
  • Searching for Roots
  • Southern Hospitality
  • Welcome to Florida
      A Foxy Ghost
  • Going to School
  • A Rambling Wreck?
  • Waiting on Tables
  • Uncle Sam Wants You
  • Sea the World
  • The Golden Age?
Thread: Travels with Charley
  • Life in Hyde Park
  • Gateway to the West
  • Chicago Once Again
  • Heading Back East
  • Whoops - West Again
  • Return to Florida
  • Foreign Adventures
  • Transition Excursions
      Confronting Fear
    Reminding Me
  • The Flower Girl
  • From Sea to Shining Sea
  • At Home - For the Moment
Thread: Awakening to Consciousness
  • Three World Views
      Changing World Views
    The Bicameral Mind
  • Words are not Things
      A Map is Not the Territory
  • Limitations of Thought
      Confused Mentality of Mankind
  • That Art Thou
      At the Library
  • Beliefs about Belief
  • Yaqui Way of Knowledge
      Don Juan's Vision of Reality
    The Hunter, Warrior and Seer
  • Tao of Physics
      The Mystic and the Physicist
  • The Implicate Order
  • Infinite Implications
      Implicate and Explicate Orders
Thread: Becoming a Meditator
  • The Frenzied Mind
      Attention - Here and Now
  • Self Observation and Remembering
      Identification Exercise
  • Yoga and Imagery
      Yoga Approaches
    Yoga Exercises
  • Meditation Metaphors
      Candle Gaze Exercise
  • A Day of Mindfulness
      A Day of Mindfulness
  • Bodywork Encounters
      Spontaneous Action
    Personal Stress Patterns
  • Learning to Relax
      The Inner Playroom
    61 Points Exercise
  • Advanced Practices
      Breath Awareness
    Basic Ways of Breathing
    The Whole Body Breath
  • Doing It My Way
      Daily Activities
Thread: Answering the Call
  • Seminal Theories
      The Law of Requisite Variety
  • Let it be a Dance
      Celestial Strings
    Sing God a Simple Song
    Let it be a Dance
  • Becoming a Person
      A View of the Good Life
    Notes on Innocent Cognition
  • Siddhartha's Mystique
      The Hero's Adventure
  • The Tantric Tradition
      The Tantra Vision
  • Confronting Kali
      Befriending the Bitch
Thread: Romancing the Shadow
  • Looking in the Garbage Pail
      The Shadow
  • Reclaiming Lost Energy
  • Dealing with the Shadow
      Demons and Monsters
    Projection Making
  • Opening to Anima
      Personification of the Anima
    The Psychosynthesis Model
    Subpersonality Families
  • Two Dimensions of Growth
      Subpersonality Patterns
    Shadow Encounters
  • The Cosmic Dance
      Shiva Nataraja
    The Lord of Dance
  • The Divine Romance
      The Phantom of the Opera
    In the Church
    Hieros Gamos
Thread: Living Relationships
  • Childhood Sweethearts
      Oh Shit Harry!
  • Dark Clouds on the Horizon
  • Marriage, Open and Otherwise
  • Misunderstood Sexuality
      Bill's Proverbs
    Kundalini and Sexuality
  • Recognizing Codependency
      Twelve Step Programs
    Codependent Characteristics
    The Sacred Wound
  • Blessed Betrayal
      Making Amends
  • Forgetting My Lessons
      Engulfment and Abandonment
    Betrayal of Great White Hunter
  • Relationship Qualities
      A Tale of Two Monks
    Threads of Permanence
  • Name That Tune
      Some Enchanted Evening
    I Don't Know How to Love Him
    Rewarding Relationships
  • The Spiritual Marriage
      Spiritual Dimensions of Marriage
Thread: Reconciling Opposites
  • Mystery of Mysteries
      Classic and Romantic
  • Left Brain, Right Brain
      Two Modes of Consciousness
  • Balancing the Modes
      Reason and Passion
    Introverted Intuitive Type
  • Seagulls and Pelicans
      A Holistic Education
  • Achieving Integration
      Union of Opposites
  • The Androgyne
      An Androgynous Visage
  • Move with the Present
  • Tai Chi Dancer
      The Concept of Quaternity
Thread: Career Encounters
  • Family Business
  • Other Initiatives
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • An Intuitive Manager!
  • Teaching Philosophy
      Teaching and Learning
    Viewpoint on Grades
  • Early Teaching Assignments
      Bridging Theory and Practice
  • Whole Brain Teaching
      Word versus Pattern Processing
    Whole Brain Display
    Mixed Solution Strategies
  • Intuition in Management
      Intuition Course Offerings
Thread: Process Discoveries
  • Acquiring Basic Skills
  • Learning How to Eat
  • Becoming A Vegan
      Natural Plant Based Diet
    Fasting Odyssey
  • Death in the Family
      My Dad's Obituary
  • Birth Experiences
  • Getting Married Too!
  • Other Paths to Knowing
      Natal Astrology Chart
    Far Memory Session
  • Consulting Psychic Guides
  • Knowing What I Knew
      Personal Discoveries
  • Studying the "Mind"
Thread: Business Rationality
  • Non Logical Processes
      Mind in Everyday Affairs
    Chat with Chester Barnard
  • What Did We Learn?
      The Logical Song
  • Promises from Computer Land
      Techniques of Decision Making
  • From Novice to Expert
      Mind Over Machine
    From Novice to Expert
    The Conditions of Flow
  • Analyses Frozen into Habit
  • Reducing Intuition to Rationality
      Critique of Simon's View
  • Decision Making Spectrum
Thread: Finding Soul
  • Using an Intuition Journal
      Varieties of Intuitive Experience
  • Other Intuitive Explorations
  • Life in TV Land
  • Interview with Heart
  • Seth and Soul
      The Seth Material
    The Inner Senses
  • Intuition in the Large
      International Survey of Intuition
    Levels of Intuitive Awareness
    The Third Eye
Thread: Closing the Circle
  • Isn't That a Coincidence!
      Meaningful Coincidences
  • Acausal Orderedness
      Psychology of the I Ching
  • Moderating Rationalization
      A Deductive Technique
  • My Soul and My Work
      Preservation of the Soul
    Selling My Soul
    Transition Time
    Where I've Been - Where I'm going
  • Coming Home to Myself
      The Aesthetic Approach
    Process Qualities
  • Core Learnings
      Honoring My Being
Appendix: Reference Notes

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