These responses were given by program participants when asked to "List your most significant learnings."

  • Discovered that I am a highly intuitive being. I also realized that this is an important recognition because my intuitions allow me to be a more effective professional.

  • I have all the answers. In the past, I've looked in the wrong places. I know now that I have to search within myself.

  • Gave me the tools I needed to be more at peace with myself. That inner peace brought about an increased awareness of myself and how I interact with everything around me.

  • Trust in myself has improved immensely due to the fact that I experienced how useful intuition can be in my professional life.

  • More about myself in general. I not only rediscovered The Intuitive Self but saw sides of me that I did not recognize.

  • Became much more aware of The Intuitive Self and through that to steer my life in the direction I want.

  • Intuition goes a long way. By following up on my intuitions, I could have avoided lots of problems and headaches in the past.

  • To calm the mental chatter that I used to have. I feel more relaxed and alert, and have a much quieter mind.

  • To become more aware of my intuitions and pay attention to what they are trying to say.

  • Achieve a sense of self awareness that is unexplainable but beneficial. I have changed my entire life and attitude.