The radiating bands in the figure below represent the depth of each program's engagement with The Intuitive Self. Interactive Journaling is taught in an Introductory workshop. Then the power of Group Dialogue is added for the Basic 14 week program. Next Personal Practices are taught at the Intermediate level. Finally Validation through reading is added in the Advanced program.

Introductory Workshop

The Introductory Workshop acquaints people with the philosophy and approach used in the fourteen week programs described below. The half-day workshop introduces Intuition Journaling. The full-day offering adds the Personal Style Inventory for participants to assess their preferences for the rational versus intuitive ways of doing things.

Basic Program

The Basic Program focuses on the Intuition Journal for describing and exploring the dimensions of intuitive experience. This culminates in preparing an Intuitive Self Profile to show participants their unique intuitive way of being in the world. This program is comparable to a three semester hour course at the Lower Division Undergraduate level.

Intermediate Program

In addition to the journal, the Intermediate Program introduces a variety of daily practices (activities) that enhance an individual's access to The Intuitive Self. Each participant writes about their experience with these practices in an Activity Journal. The work in this program level is comparable to a three semester hour Upper Division Undergraduate course.

Advanced Program

In the Advanced Program, the Intuition and Activity Journals are supplemented with selected readings. These materials explore aspects of the intuitive experience from a theoretical and inter-disciplinary perspective. This program is comparable to a three semester hour course at the Masters level of study.

Typical Week

A typical week for the programs includes:

During the Week: As an Individual
All Three Programs Notice intuitive experiences and describe one as an Intuition Journal entry.
Intermediate and
Practice a selected activity and report on the experience in an Activity Journal entry.
Advanced only Read an article to improve our understanding of intuition.
Once a Week: In a Group Meeting
All Three Programs Share an Intuition Journal entry with the members of the group.
Intermediate and
Share an Activity Journal entry with the members of the group.
Advanced only Brainstorm ideas from the reading that help deepen our understanding of intuition.

Time Requirements

For the Basic Program, the time requirement ranges from two to four hours per week including the Intuition Journal preparation and group meeting to review and discuss the journal entries. Since the advanced offering includes reading material as well as preparation of the Activity Journal, the weekly time ranges from five to nine hours. The time needed for the Intermediate Program falls in between these ranges.

The time varies due to individual differences in writing about personal experience and the participant's computer proficiency. Those who are at ease with the journaling format and the use of desktop computers require less time per week to complete the programs.

Delivery Venues

The programs can be offered in public and on-site settings. And they can be arranged for individuals in one-on-one tutorials as well as in groups. We found these programs work best in group sizes between six and sixteen. At least six are required to nurture rediscovery of The Intuitive Self. And we found that groups over sixteen are too large to support the one-on-one feedback that we found is essential for this self-discovery process.