SUMMARY When I woke up Monday morning, I was still half asleep lying in bed trying to get started. As I lay there, I was thinking about what was in store at work this week. I had a daydream about my boss asking for details on a project that I've had in the pipeline for a couple of weeks. As soon as I got to work, I reviewed this project in anticipation of my boss's request. Later in the day, he asked me for an update on the project.

CONTEXT Context of the intuitive experience
Where physically: I was lying in bed.
Where mentally: I was thinking about tasks I had to do this week at work.

EXPERIENCE The intuitive experience
Just before: I had woken up a few minutes earlier. I was lying in bed thinking about what I needed to do at the office.
At the moment: As I was laying in bed, I had a thought or image of my boss and me sitting at the conference table. He was asking where we stood on a system implementation project I've worked on for a couple of weeks. The reason I say thought or image is that I don't recall if it was just a thought in my mind or literally an image where I saw us sitting at the table.
Just after: I got out of bed and reflected on the thought of my boss asking for the information and me not being ready. I took a shower and went to work to put something together for that project.

OBSTACLES Obstacles to the intuitive experience
Physical tension: There was no stress at the time. I am very relaxed when I get up in the morning.
Fears felt: I feared not being ready to respond to his request for information. Considering this was a project that has been in the pipeline, I wanted to be sure I had a substantive response to his request.
Desires felt: After I thought of my boss asking for the information, I had the desire to make sure I was ready for this scenario. But this desire was a result of the experience not a roadblock to the experience.
Mental clutter: Since I had just woken up, I really didn't have much mental clutter. The things running through my mind related to different tasks at the office.

SOURCE Source of the intuitive message
Conscious to
Subconscious: 3
This information was conscious to the extent I knew eventually he would ask about the project. But the intuition that it would be this specific day added a degree of subconscious to the situation.
Internal to
External: 2
This information was slightly external but largely internal. I knew he would ask for the information because that's the process. I get assignments to work on, and my boss follows up.
Rational to
Intuitive: 5
This experience was in the middle of the rational intuitive spectrum. I knew my boss had his eye on this project and that eventually he would ask about the progress. But the premonition that it would be that day was intuitive.

MESSAGE Classification of the intuitive message
Type: 2 This intuition was professional. I had the feeling that my boss was going to ask about the progress of a particular project on a certain day.
Form: 5 The message came as an image of my boss and me having a meeting about something unrelated in our conference room. In the vision, he asked about this project as a side note to the meeting.
Kind: 3 The message was a suggestion to prepare for a request for information. I needed to go to the office and get ready to respond intelligently.

INFORMATION Information in the intuitive message
Strength: 7 The intuition was very strong. I had a feeling that he would definitely ask about this particular project.
Clarity: 7 The vision was clear. It was specific about what and how it would happen.
Surprise: 5 The information was somewhat of a surprise. I was thinking about what I should work on when I got to the office. To this extent, I asked my "intuition" what I should do. But that project was not on my mental list. It popped into my head that I needed to work on that one.
Accuracy: 6 The information was almost a bull's eye. Although he did ask about the project, it was not in the setting I had imagined. As a result, it was slightly off the mark.

EVALUATION Evaluation of the intuitive experience
How intentional: Although I wasn't searching for an intuitive experience, I was thinking about what I needed to do at work. To this extent, it was intentional since I was in that frame of mind.
Information use: I made use of the message by preparing information to present to my boss when he asked about the project. It assisted me in prioritizing my tasks.
Benefits derived: As a result of the intuition, I was able to give my boss an accurate picture of where we stood on the project. This allowed me to look good in his eyes because I was on top of things.
Personal learning: Because this intuition took place in the morning when stress and mental chatter were at a minimum, it seemed more accurate. I will remember the quality of the feelings and accuracy associated with this experience as reference points for future intuitions.

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