This database of intuitive experiences contains the journal entries of individuals who were willing to anonymously share their experiences so that others might learn from them. This database can be searched using the Type, Form and Kind classification scheme. If you have not used this search feature before, we suggest that you acquaint yourself with the classification categories before searching.

Search the Database

In order to search the database, you must select one from each of the three catagories below. Your selections answer the indicated questions about the intuition. This will return a descriptive list of all intuitive experiences that match the combination you have selected.

  Select one from each catagory:
Type: What was the setting for the intuitive experience?
Form: How did the intuitive message make itself known?
Kind: How was the information from the intuition used?

The search will return a short phrase for each entry that matches your request. The phrase was excerpted from the At the Moment paragraph in the Journal entry to capture the essence of the experience. These carefully chosen words will help you select entries to review in detail. Since the entries average 1000 words in length and range from 500 to 1500 words, you may want to be selective in your review.

When you select an entry from the search results, the first paragraph summarizes the experience to help you decide whether you want to read the complete entry. If you are not getting the search results you expect, review the frequency analysis. This tabulates the number of entries for each Type, Form and Kind combination in the database. For instance if you are not getting returns for your three selections, that combination of entries may not be in the database. The frequency tables indicate which combinations do not have any entries.

Special Instructions

There are three ways you can use the search fields to select the combination that interests you:

  1. When you want a specific Type, Form and Kind, make those selections to return only entries that uniquely satisfy you request. This search returns the fewest matches.

  2. When you only want to be specific about one or two categories, make those selections and set the remaining to All. This search returns more matches than the first version.

  3. When you do not want to be specific about any of the categories, indicate All for each one. Since this search returns all journal entries in the database, it takes the longest to execute.

Journal Case Studies

Intuitive insights permeate the fabric of our dance from moment to moment. They are the matrix upon which life rests holding out the possibility of flow with each breath we take. This sense of The Intuitive Self in everyday life emerges from a review of the journal entries.

These examples can be used as case studies to explore your intuitive way in the world. What would the cumulative impact on your life be if you consciously attended to the infinite stream of intuitive opportunities suggested by these journal entries?

Retrieving a Specific Experience

Using the journal entries as case studies, you may want to return to an entry you have previously reviewed. Keep track of entry numbers to enter in the search below to retrieve a specific case.

Get: Journal Entry Number  

The journal entries are numbered from 1 to 210. Enter the number of the entry that you want to retrieve. Happy browsing as you explore the world of intuitive experiences.

Note on Privacy

The names of the individuals who prepared these journal entries are not identified. In return for allowing us to use these examples to help others with their journaling, we agreed to use fictitious names and not to identify the author of an entry. All proper nouns have been changed to disguise the people, organizations and locations to protect everyone involved from invasion of privacy.