CONTEXT Context of the intuitive experience
Where physically: Four out of the nine experiences occurred in my office. The rest of them were at school, a conference room, a hotel in Buenos Aires, my car and my house garage. These findings are related to the fact that most of my intuitions were work related. My office and work environment in general (conference room, hotel on a business trip) seem to be more conducive to intuition for me.
Where mentally: I was concentrating on something specific when most of the intuitions happened. In most cases, I was in a normal state of mind in my day to day routine. No emotions like elation or anger were a pattern. It seems that I needed to be calm for my intuitions to occur.

EXPERIENCE The intuitive experience
Just before: In all the just before situations, I was thinking about something. The situation was such that I was able to think and listen to my mind easily. Most of the time it was a tranquil setting.
At the moment: The at the moment pattern was that in all of them there was a sense of clarity about an issue, situation or the like. At the moment, I was able to identify that the experience happened because it felt like seeing the light.
Just after: At the beginning, there was no trend in the right after of my intuitions. But in five out of the last six entries, my right after was a response to my intuition. I was acting upon what my intuition had advised me to do.

OBSTACLES Obstacles to the intuitive experience
Physical tension: The more relaxed I was the easier it was to recognize that felt sense that marks an intuitive insight for me. In those cases where I was experiencing more task pressure than usual, the insights didn't seem to come through with the same degree of ease.
Fears felt: There was a fear pattern of not being a successful business person and of doing things wrong. For my work experiences, the fear of failing was present most of the time. My irrational achievement motive may be an obstacle to The Intuitive Self.
Desires felt: No clear desire pattern was evident. For some entries, a desire was not even reported. The rest were experience specific without any similarity among them. The more personally involved I was with the situation, the more likely my intuitive sense was clouded.
Mental clutter: When I was concentrated on some business task, the pattern seemed to be for my mind to be full, but I would not say cluttered. However for the three personal situations, my mind seemed to be roaming about all over the place with thoughts of things to be done.

SOURCE Source of the intuitive message
Conscious to
Subconscious: 5.8
In five out of the nine cases, the information was subconscious. On only one occasion was it a mix, and three times it was conscious. The pattern was that most experiences were subconscious. This may be due to the fact that I am just starting to explore my intuition and am not yet clear about when the information comes from the conscious mind.
Internal to
External: 4.0
In five of the nine experiences, the source was from within myself since no external cues were involved. In three of the experiences, the information was a mix, and only one was external. Most of my intuitive insights comes from within me.
Rational to
Intuitive: 4.8
Five out of nine intuitions were a mix of intuitive and rational (4), three were intuitive (7), and one was close to rational (2). Therefore most of the information was a combination of rationality and intuition. This may be linked to the fact that most of them were thoughts. Once the thought comes into play, there is a combination of rationality and intuition.

MESSAGE Classification of the intuitive message
Type: 3,5,1,0,0 Most (5) of my experiences were work related. The personal experiences (3) occurred during work days rather than the weekends. The one school related experience happened on the way to school one evening.
Form: 1,0,3,5,0,0,0 There was a clearer form pattern. Five of the nine experiences were thoughts. This suggests that my intuition is closely related to my thinking since it generally comes as part of a verbal process.
Kind: 1,3,2,0,2,1,0 There was no clear pattern in the kind of message that I received. It varied among decisions, solutions, suggestions, premonitions and knowledge.

INFORMATION Information in the intuitive message
Strength: 6.6 The pattern in strength was clear. In eight out of the nine experiences, information strength was very high. On one occasion it was recorded as medium. This means I was able to sense the information very strongly when it happened.
Clarity: 6.3 In eight of my nine experiences, the intuition was crystal clear. IThe information was fuzzy in only one of them. This pattern indicates that when I had an experience, I was able to perceive it clearly.
Surprise: 5.2 The surprise pattern was distinct. Six out of the nine experiences were a total surprise. The other three were a mix of surprise and some expectations about the situation. All the experiences had a level of surprise since I'm just becoming acquainted with The Intuitive Self.
Accuracy: 6.6 Seven out of the nine experiences were right on target, one was close to being on target (6), and only one was mid-range. The fact that most of my experiences were right on target indicates both the success of my intuition and how much I trust it.

EVALUATION Evaluation of the intuitive experience
How intentional: Not until my last journal entry was I able to intentionally evoke my intuition. Eight out of the nine experiences were not intentional. Here is one of my biggest opportunities for developing The Intuitive Self.
Information use: In every case, I directly applied what I thought the intuition advised me to do. In both business and personal situations, I kept mentioning the importance of listening to my body cues and applying what my intuition advised me.
Benefits derived: There was no clear benefit pattern. Benefits were a direct result of acting on my intuition, but there was no apparent pattern to the type of benefits I received from acting on my intuitions.
Personal learning: The personal learning pattern of my intuitions was very clear. I learned to listen to myself, to my body, to my needs and to the constant cues that my body sends me. I also learned (at the end) to evoke my intuition.

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