CONTEXT Context of the intuitive experience
Where physically: Of the nine, three experiences occurred at my office, but only two of those were actually work related. Two experiences occurred in my car with one being work related and one related to my safety. Of the rest, one occurred at the Miccosukee Gaming Hall, two at home and one at a restaurant. I guess the messages can come to me no matter where I am.
Where mentally: Of the nine, four experiences happened when I seemed to be busy and distracted from something I should be focused on. If I am really focused on a task, I probably tune out everything and would not be very susceptible to intuitive messages. In four cases, I was in a relaxed state of mind. These either occurred on the weekend when I don't worry about work or school or at the end of a long day. The last experience occurred when I was struggling with a problem that I could not solve.

EXPERIENCE The intuitive experience
Just before: In many of the experiences, I seemed to be worried or stressed out about something in my professional life as well as personal life. In the others, I did not seem to be under any particular stress and actually appeared relaxed. I guess this shows that the messages will come in both situations.
At the moment: In most of the situations, I felt very sure about the message that I received. It was almost as if someone had whispered the resolution to each problem in my ear. In these cases, I really tried to trust my intuition and act on whatever message came to me.
Just after: In each situation that involved the resolution of a conflict or a decision on a course of action, I felt better after making the decision. I felt a sense of relief that the decision had been made and that I had to live with it and move on. I also had a strong hope that following the intuitive message was a good idea.

OBSTACLES Obstacles to the intuitive experience
Physical tension: In each of the stressful situations, I felt uneasiness in my stomach. I know this is not healthy, and I'll provably give myself ulcers someday. This is the way my body deals with stressful situations. This is the case for the majority of the experiences, but in some I was quite relaxed and didn't feel much tension.
Fears felt: Three of the experiences involved fear of confrontation. Three more involved the fear of making the wrong decision. Fear did not seem to play a role in the others.
Desires felt: There does not seem to be a clear pattern for this category. Desires ranged from avoiding personal danger to performing well in my job. I realize that some of the desires listed are really feelings that came about after the intuitive message rather than at the time of the actual experience.
Mental clutter: My two major categories of mental clutter were being unfocused and being in a debate with myself. In cases of being unfocused, I think my mind was trying to get a message through, but I was not able to concentrate on the task at hand. In the other instance, I received intuitive messages when I was engaged in a personal conflict or debate. In those cases, intuition helped resolve the conflict.

SOURCE Source of the intuitive message
Conscious to
Subconscious: 5.1
The majority of messages fell closer to the subconscious side of the scale. Another trend was that the three experiences I considered more dependent on the conscious mind were professional situations. I think it is safe to say that my subconscious is not as pronounced in business settings.
Internal to
External: 3.1
Most intuitive messages were extracted from internal sources. It is still difficult to think in terms of receiving messages from outside myself. Again three of the most internal experiences involved my professional environment.
Rational to
Intuitive: 5.2
As the semester progressed, I was better able to recognize intuitive experiences without rationalizing them. As with the previous two categories, the three experiences that leaned toward the rational side were professionally related.

MESSAGE Classification of the intuitive message
Type: 5,4,0,0,0 My experiences were either personal or professional. With so much of my time devoted to these aspects of my life this semester, I only focus on school related activities at specific times of the week. Maybe this is why I did not have any school related experiences. It does not seem necessary for professional messages to always occur at work or personal messages to always happen at home. There were several cases where the opposite was true.
Form: 0,0,2,6,1,0,0 The majority of the messages came in the form of a thought. This is not surprising since I have difficulty "quieting the mind." It seems like there are always ideas in the form of thoughts swimming around in my head. When I reread my entries, I noticed the first one should have been classified as a thought which would make a total of six. The two emotional experiences included physical sensations. The image experience of deja vu was unlike all of the other because it was visually stimulating.
Kind: 3,0,3,2,0,1,0 The majority of messages I received included decisions or suggestions. This is probably why I found my experiences to be useful. Two messages were impulses and one was an understanding.

INFORMATION Information in the intuitive message
Strength: 5.2 All of my messages except one had a strength of at least four. In most cases, the message did not hit me like a bolt of lightening, but was strong enough for me to stop what I was doing to take notice. The message that was the strongest was one that involved an emotion as well as physical sensations.
Clarity: 5.3 All messages with two exceptions rated at least a six in this category. I think this happened because when a message was not clear, I may not have recognized it as an intuitive experience.
Surprise: 3.8 The pattern for this category was bipolar with approximately half being surprising with the rest falling at the not surprising end of the scale. It should be noted that all my professional experiences fell on the not surprising end. This may reflect the experience that I have gained at my present job.
Accuracy: 4.6 Most experiences were more accurate than not. I had more work related accurate experiences.

EVALUATION Evaluation of the intuitive experience
How intentional: Out of the nine experiences, four would be classified as intentional. Of these, three were professionally related. This indicates that I am willing to use intuition in work related activities. The intentional messages seemed to come about when I was in a fairly relaxed state. The unintentional messages were not as useful as the others.
Information use: In situations where the information was useful, the message helped to resolve some sort of conflict. Five of the messages resulted in useful information for making decisions or taking further action. Two of the "flops" could have been very useful, but they were either wrong or I interpreted them incorrectly. There was not much use of the information in only two situations.
Benefits derived: In four situations, I clearly benefited from the intuitive message. In some cases it helped me solve a conflict or helped me avoid a difficult situation.
Personal learning: As the semester went on, I gained more trust in my intuition. There were two instances when I was wrong, and my confidence may have slipped. However the general trend was toward an increase in my ability to recognize intuitive messages and even evoke them.

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