CONTEXT Context of the intuitive experience
Where physically: A majority of experiences happened in my bedroom. My bedroom of all places is where I can get away from the world. As for the other experiences, I found they ranged from a party that I was attending to a Subway where I was eating lunch. The weirdest place that I had an intuitive experience was during my intuition in management class.
Where mentally: When I was evoking my intuition, my mind was trying to concentrate on the object at hand. Even if I had a cluttered mind, I tried to clear it to receive the message. During the other experiences, I was concentrating on one thing or right before the experience, I had a clear mind. When I was a passenger in a car singing along with the music, my mind was clear right after the song ended. Then I had an intuitive experience.

EXPERIENCE The intuitive experience
Just before: I found no particular pattern. For some of them, I was doing similar things. For two experiences, I was dancing while drinking. For three others, I was thinking about something going on in my life which was what I had the intuitive experience about.
At the moment: There was a definite pattern here. In four of the nine, I was in one form or another meditating on or evoking my intuition. In two other experiences, I was dancing. In all these experiences, I was trying to relax, and dancing brings me the most relaxation.
Just after: The first experience was the only one that was different in how I reacted to the message. In seven of nine experiences, I thought about what just had happened. In most of them, I relied on the message to lead me to do something.

OBSTACLES Obstacles to the intuitive experience
Physical tension: The more relaxed I was, the more I trusted my intuition and relied on it to make a decision. In the cases were I tried to relax to relieve tension, I knew what to do or knew what was going to happen.
Fears felt: Some fear was involved in all of my experiences, but in some cases, the fear had nothing to do with the actual thought. In ones where I was evoking my intuition, I feared the worst was going to happen. For instance when I was evoking my intuition to help me for an exam, I was afraid of failing the exam.
Desires felt: I had desires in every experience, but when it had to do with my personal life, I felt them the most. This was especially true when it had to do with a young lady I was attracted to at a party or someone I was dating.
Mental clutter: There was no real pattern for clutter. But there was one thing in common for those that were most surprising. In three experiences were I was totally surprised, I had a very clear mind.

SOURCE Source of the intuitive message
Conscious to
Subconscious: 3.9
If I was surprised by the experience, I rated it subconscious. If there was little surprise, I rated it conscious instead. Otherwise there was no pattern except that I often rated them really high or low.
Internal to
External: 4.6
When the source was not mixed, it was highly external. There was only one experience that was internal. That was because I thought about the problem for a week, and the problem had to do with my happiness which comes from within. For experiences with a mixed source, there were two or more people involved.
Rational to
Intuitive: 5.6
Most of the experiences were from mid range to highly intuitive. There were two that were totally intuitive. They were a surprise and there was no explanation for how I received the message. The others were mixed because they involved some mystery with a hint of explanation.

MESSAGE Classification of the intuitive message
Type: 4,3,2,0,0 There was no pattern for the type of experiences I had. The majority, four out of nine, were personal. There were only three professional experiences since I work two days a the week which limits my professional exposure.
Form: 0,1,2,3,2,1,0 There was no distinct pattern for the form the intuitive message took. The category that had the most was thought since I process more with thoughts than images or emotions.
Kind: 2,1,3,2,1,0,0 There was no clear pattern to the kind of message I received. The most frequent was suggestion with three out of nine. This was because I evoked my intuition to suggest a course of action to take.

INFORMATION Information in the intuitive message
Strength: 5.8 There was a clear pattern in the strength category. The messages came in strong. All except one was rated a five or higher. The low one, which was a two, occurred when I had a cluttered mind.
Clarity: 6.2 All experiences were given a seven except two which received a five and a two. The two came from the same experience that had a two for strength. This suggests that I usually had a clear mind when I received these messages.
Surprise: 4.8 Either I was surprised or I was not. Six of the experiences were rated six or better and three were given a two or lower. When I was not surprised, I had some prior knowledge of what was happening.
Accuracy: 6.2 I was shocked when I found that all except one were rated a seven for accuracy. The one exception was not rated because I will not know the outcome for a few months.

EVALUATION Evaluation of the intuitive experience
How intentional: When I could not make a rational decision, I tended to evoke my intuition to come up with an answer. I did that for four out of the nine experiences.
Information use: I used all of the intuitive messages except one. For that one, I had a cluttered mind, and I did not believe the message. The messages I receive from my intuition are reliable when I do not let my emotions get in the way.
Benefits derived: There was no clear pattern except when I listened to my intuition, I had a positive benefit. These ranged from knowing what was going to happen to knowing that someone wanted to speak with me.
Personal learning: I need to be relaxed to benefit most from my intuition. I have learned different ways to relax which have helped in all my courses this semester.

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