CONTEXT Context of the intuitive experience
Where physically: Three experiences were in a vehicle, three in my home and three at work. Those that happened at work were the professional experiences (of course) and the others were personal.
Where mentally: With the exception of week six, my mind was focusing on something when the intuition came to me.

EXPERIENCE The intuitive experience
Just before: I could not find a pattern here. There were situations where the message just popped in while I was thinking of something else. Other times, it came as an answer or solution to what I was thinking about.
At the moment: This pattern seems to be the sense of knowing that I feel when experiencing the intuitive moment. This sense was not present during the flop. In it's place was a feeling of panic. Another common thread was a sense that events were orchestrated by a higher power.
Just after: My actions were for the most part a response to the experience. I can see now how I did not do a very good job with this section. I tended to write about what I did next. I did not emphasize strongly enough what I did immediately after the experience. For example in week four, I said that I ran out to find out why the kid was on my truck. In actuality, I followed the message by just sitting there.

OBSTACLES Obstacles to the intuitive experience
Physical tension: In almost all the situations, I was feeling stressed or tense. There were only two instances where I was relaxed. Looking back, I can remember my tension and stress. However I do have the ability to put these feelings on the back burner and concentrate on the task at hand. For example, in week one I mentioned that I was stressed because I was running late. However I was actively controlling the stress by deep breathing and consciously relaxing as much as possible.
Fears felt: Fear was present during all the events except for week seven. It was usually in the background and manageable. The exception was week six (the flop) were the fear became panic.
Desires felt: Many of the desires had to do with my need to have others accept me or to be impressed by my actions. I am surprised by this revelation. I didn't realize how strongly I need acceptance by others.
Mental clutter: My mental clutter assumed a variety of forms. I may have been considering how to improve things at work. At other times, I was torturing myself with guilt laden thoughts about myself. One time, I was boxed into a false mentality that I was not able to see beyond it. And during one episode, I experienced all kinds of thoughts rambling around in my head. I see now more than ever the importance of paying close attention to my thoughts.

SOURCE Source of the intuitive message
Conscious to
Subconscious: 4.6
I identified two fully subconscious messages, and the rest were between 2 and 6. None were fully conscious. I had a difficult time with the entire source section of the journal. Therefore I cannot insure the reliability of my summary here. However as I get more accustomed to exploring intuition, I am getting a better sense of the sources.
Internal to
External: 4.7
Two were fully internal, and one was fully external. The rest fell in between. Since I am still learning to distinguish the sources of intuitive messages, the summary is incomplete here.
Rational to
Intuitive: 4.6
All entries fell between a 2 and a 6. None was fully rational or fully intuitive. I need to review many more experiences to better understand the rational intuitive spectrum. For example, I gave entry eight a 6 for mostly intuitive. It may have been more rational since it makes sense that a fragile item can break.

MESSAGE Classification of the intuitive message
Type: 6,3,0,0,0 The majority of the experiences were personal. Only three were professional and none were school related. It is much easier for me to find experiences in my personal life. I made a concerted effort to find as many professional experiences as I could. I suppose the rational structure at work made it more difficult to accept intuition there.
Form: 0,0,2,5,0,1,1 It makes sense that most of the messages came as thoughts. It is the area that I am most comfortable with. For entry nine, I incorrectly classified the form as thought. It should have been an image. This remarkable experience helped me see what an image looks like. I had expected a clear picture like in a photograph. It was clear in that I knew what I was seeing in my mind, but it did not have the details found in a photograph.
Kind: 0,1,2,3,3,0,0 I am not surprised that most messages were suggestions, impulses or ESPs. I am always thinking about things as problems to be solved. My brain is used to thinking in those terms. The ESPs were very unusual for me. One of them was my only flop. I hope to continue experiencing those kinds of messages.

INFORMATION Information in the intuitive message
Strength: 5.2 Most of the messages came with a great deal of strength. Three of them were 7s. I am pleasantly surprised by the strength of the messages. This will help me get better at taking advantage of intuitions.
Clarity: 5.3 As with strength, I am delighted with the clarity. Three of the messages were crystal clear. Only one was at all vague.
Surprise: 3.4 There were two complete surprises and one that lacked surprise. I did not find a pattern here. Each experience seemed to have it's own surprise quality.
Accuracy: 6.2 The accuracy was phenomenal. Seven were on target, and only one was a flop. This gives me a powerful incentive to continue developing my intuition. Writing the entries, I did not realize how on target I had been. This summary has proven to be an eye opener.

EVALUATION Evaluation of the intuitive experience
How intentional: Five experiences were spontaneous, two were somewhat intentional, and two were intentional. I must keep coaxing myself into intuition friendly states. I am consciously working on that.
Information use: I responded directly to the information in the messages. Even with the flop, I acted as I understood the message.
Benefits derived: I found no pattern here other than each experience except entry eight gave me some benefit. Number eight was the one where the ceramic mask broke.
Personal learning: I learned what it feels like to get intuitive messages and how to distinguish them from wishful thinking. I also learned the importance of relaxing and clearing my mind. I have gained more control over my thoughts than previously. I am even learning how to follow my hunches.

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