The Intuitive Self Profiles (ISP) are prepared from a series of journal entries. These enable a person to discover their unique way of being intuitive in the world. When we understand our pattern, opportunities for expanding intuitve horizons become obvious. One half dozen ISP's prepared from experiences in the database illustrate the understanding we can achieve with the structured journaling approach.

ISP Summaries

Below are the summaries of six Intuitive Self Profiles. Follow the links to the complete ISP record for each example.

Profile Entry 01
The most striking result of the profile was my strong focus on intuition in work situations. Most of the experiences were recorded during the weekdays, and most of the topics were about work issues. The time of the day when the experiences happened as well as when they were recognized, was during working hours in the afternoon. I attribute this tendency to my strong belief that intuition is a key element in the success of business. I also believe that I take intuition for granted in my personal life since I use it as part of my natural process. Link to ISP record

Profile Entry 02
With growing confidence in my ability to interpret intuitive messages, I have discovered that I can use intuition to make decisions in my professional life. I will admit that at the beginning, I thought the idea that our mind somehow contains everything we need to know, but just weren't consciously aware of, was quite foreign to me. I have learned to open my mind to the possibility that I can draw upon my own resources to help with everything from making decisions to seeing the future. Link to ISP record.

Profile Entry 03
I found that most of my experiences came from a personal level and that most of those involved my best friend. Since I have a long history with her, I am intuitive about her actions. I discovered that learning the basics of breathing brought me to another level of intuitive knowing. When I am in a stress free state, I more easily receive intuitive messages. I also found that I have the ability to evoke my intuition. When I am confused, I can rely on my intuition to help me prepare for the future. Link to ISP record.

Profile Entry 04
Knowing what I now know about intuition, I can use it more often. I have a sense of what it feels like. As a result, I am more confident to follow my instincts when certain feelings accompany an insight. This new behavior has led me to take chances that I would not have taken in the past. I can honestly say that my life has become significantly more fulfilling since I started following my intuitions. So far I have only acted on some of my hunches. However as I get more comfortable with this new behavior, I will increase the frequency and magnitude of the risks I take. Link to ISP record.

Profile Entry 05
The main discovery that I made was that I have been randomly accessing intuitive experiences in the past and benefiting from the messages by chance. Now I have knowledge of how to recognize and utilize my intuitive processes more consciously. By focusing awareness of the opportunities that present themselves in the future, I should be able to live a more full and satisfying life within my expaned horizons. I used to think that it was because I thought that it could be. However now I think it might be because it actually is. Link to ISP record.

Profile Entry 06
I discovered that my desires as well as my fears play an important role in the development of The Intuitive Self. To continue to develop intuition in my professional life, I need to maintain a balance between my desire to succeed as a business professional and my fear of jeopardizing my relationship with the firm. By paying close attention to my intuition, I made several difficult decisions about my career. I also discovered that I am more likely to experience an intuition in the form of a thought. During all of my intuitive experiences, I could literally see the words come to me in a flash telling me what I needed to do. Link to ISP record.

Note on Privacy

The names of the individuals who prepared these ISPs are not identified. In return for allowing us to use these examples to help others prepare their profiles, we agreed to use fictitious names in the write ups and not to identify the author of an ISP. All proper nouns have been changed to disguise the people, organizations and locations to protect everyone involved from invasion of privacy.