The HIP Survey is used in human resource development. It is a 40 item forced choice assessment in which the respondent chooses from among three alternatives for each item in the survey.

Individuals are assessed for their processing preference: Left, Right or Mixed. These three scales are presented in terms of the left and right brain metaphor. The feedback profiles describe an overall approach as well as specific tactics used in problem solving and decision making.

HIP Survey in Two Editions:

The "Professional Edition" utilizes consumable, self-scoring booklets and profiles. The "Research Edition," for university personnel and others studying rational versus intuitive behavior, includes reusable booklets and consumable score sheets and profiles.

The contrasting terms in the Tactics Profile are often used to describe differences among people, but research points to the existence of different styles of problem solving strategies within each person. The HIP Survey is a time and cost effective method of measuring the degree to which individuals think with either brain hemisphere.

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