Breathing in

Breathing out

The primal pulse.

The lotus opens

To gently reveal

Its inner essence.

Given its elusiveness, intuition is best "defined" in the broadest possible terms. Verbal and visual metaphor may capture the intuitive essence better than rational statements. The quality of Pretty Kitty's presence in the picture intimates more about the intuitive experience than volumes of prose. Her exquisite attention to the present moment is profound. When I saw her and took the picture, I was electrified.

When words are used, they come closer to expressing the nature of intuition when they have an all encompassing quality. The short poem verbally complements Pretty Kitty's presence. The simplest and at the same time most elegant "statement" of intuitive being is the Chinese word "Tao" and its accompanying visual symbol of swirling, blending yin and yang. I have not captured the meaning that concisely. I imagine my experience does not have sufficient depth. Other than the poem, here is the best I have done:

Attending to the meaning of the moment.

Being present to the presence.

Being present.