In tribute and by way of explanation, I want to share with you the following.

The website's original creator, Dr. Bill Taggart, passed away peacefully in his beloved adopted hometown of Santa Cruz, CA on June 21, 2016. He was 80 years old.

When Dr. Taggart retired from working on the site in June of 2014, he turned over the ownership and management of it to me. I am privileged to be able to carry forward his outstanding work in this field, continuing its availability to professionals, scholars and students.

I hope you will find this website useful and meaningful!

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Dr. Betty Scott

Introduction by Dr. Bill Taggart

In a highly rational culture, paying attention to the intuitive voice in our professional and personal lives presents a daunting challenge. To help meet this test of spirit, our web site offers an array of resources for anyone interested in rediscovering the intuitive way of being in the world.

Whether exploring intuitive knowing in a group or working on your own, you can restore a sense of balance to the overly rational style in contemporary society. Regardless of professional background or family situation, the benefits of blending the rational and intuitive ways of doing and being can be amazing.

Either as a career person faced with important strategic choices or a family member dealing with each day´s many options, intuition serves as rationality´s twin companion. Intuitive knowing is our birthright! Let´s reclaim The Intuitive Self to bless ourselves, our family and friends, and the larger community.

Happy Browsing!

P.S. The philosophical roots of the web site may be found in excerpts from my memoir. These selections recount the life experiences that were most influential in the development of The Intuitive Self. Start with this section if you would like to discover the origins of the ideas presented here.