Recent interest has focused attention on a variety of methods for developing intuition. Many of the methods described on this site are found in our workbook Discovering and Nurturing The Intuitive Self. Use this link to download the experiential workbook (139K PDF). This section introduces journaling, drawing, traditional practices and the use of an oracle.

The journaling materials are designed to tease out the many dimensions of an intuitive experience. The insights gained will help you identify your unique Intuitive Self Profile.

Since intuition communicates through metaphor, symbolic drawings provide an effective way to access this knowledge. These examples of mandala and mandorla drawings illustrate this visual window on intuitive knowing.

Daily practices offer a disciplined way to recover a connection with The Intuitive Self. A variety of activities are introduced and described ranging from breathing practices to enhance intuition to video materials about intuition.

The I Ching uses a random procedure to discover information relevant to a decision. This oracle offers an antidote to the pervasive deterministic attitude of our culture by helping to bring your intuitive sensibility to the forefront.