After preparing an Intuitive Self Profile, the Integrating Essay summarizes the discoveries made. The essay integrates what you learned about The Intuitive Self through the journal work. The diagram illustrates how the essay builds on the foundation of the journal entries to synthesize an understanding of The Intuitive Self:

diagram of the profile layout

Two examples of the essay are provided in the Acrobat format. (Please Note: In order to view and print Acrobat PDF files, you must have the freely distributed Adobe Reader installed on your computer.)

Begin with the Content Summary to provide a factual overview of the ISP. The My Discoveries section further distills the insights gained about The Intuitive Self. Going from the summary to discoveries develops a more comprehensive and succinct description of The Intuitive Self. Then top these off with Where Do I Go From Here? This final section answers the question: What difference will rediscovering The Intuitive Self make as I continue my life journey?