Reviewing a series of journal entries to prepare an Intuitive Self Profile reveals the larger pattern of our intuitive way in the world. The ISP is prepared after completing a dozen or more individual journal entries. It is used to synthesize the journal entries to discover our unique intuitive style. To use a visual metaphor, think of the work with the journals in spreadsheet terms as illustrated in the diagram:

diagram of the entries layout

Each column contains one journal entry and the rows represent the paragraphs in each journal section. When doing the entries, we focus on one column at a time. For the Intuitive Self Profile in the second diagram, we shift our focus to one row at a time. This shift in emphasis from complete entries to single paragraphs helps distill the ISP pattern from the individual intuitive experiences.

diagram of the profile layout

As with the journal format, a Microsoft Word document is provided to prepare an ISP on a computer. Use the Word version of the ISP to write an integrating response to each question in the same way you used the Word format for your journal entries.

Two examples in Acrobat format illustrate the potential of the Intuitive Self Profile. (Please Note: In order to view and print Acrobat PDF files, you must have the freely distributed Adobe Reader installed on your computer.)

To help you prepare an ISP, here are the strategies two people used to review journal entries to complete their profile. Use their suggestions to come up with a strategy for writing your ISP. The Acrobat document with the ISP questions along with the examples will help you write paragraphs in the Word ISP format from your series of journal entries.

Strategy One

I designed a matrix with a summary of all the intuition journal entries. With the matrix, it was easy to access the information I needed to come up with patterns or trends and eventually an Intuitive Self Profile. I read each paragraph across one by one and tried to recreate in my mind the actual experience so that I could understand it better and possibly evoke the feelings I felt during the experience. Prior to doing this section, I relaxed by laying in a hammock for twenty minutes to clear my mind of unnecessary thoughts. It worked very well, and I felt it helped me to move along with the creation of the ISP.

Strategy Two

I read over all the intuition journal entries to familiarize myself with the material. I think that I was familiar with the subjects in my intuition journal because of the detailed nature of the entries. I then proceeded to complete the ISP. First I listed all the paragraphs for each section on a separate sheet of paper. Then I looked at the same paragraph for each entry and tried to find an overall pattern or trend. From this I recorded my impressions next to the appropriate paragraph on my list and used that to write my ISP on the computer. I found the ISP to be a useful tool for organizing all the intuition journal entries. I really cannot think of a better way to analyze the material.