Consistent practice with a personally selected group of the activities encourages a shift to a transpersonal attitude toward experience. In one form or another these qualities have been recognized by spiritual traditions in the East and West. The more significant The Intuitive Self becomes in a person's life, the more these qualities are expressed.

This list uses the masculine pronoun to avoid the awkwardness of the s/he form. Women are described by these qualities as often if not more so than men. In Western culture, it is usually easier for a person with a feminine orientation to express these qualities. Typically the more masculine the attitude, the more difficulty a person has coming to terms with transpersonal qualities.

Mental chatter doesn't disturb his mind. He isn't beset by an ongoing stream of self talk about the past, present or the future. His mind quietly experiences what is happening now.
He's centered in the present moment. When you are with him, you feel like you are the only person in the world. His attention is so fierce that you feel fully accepted and understood.
He's not in effect of what is going on around him. This doesn't mean that he distances himself from experience. In fact he encounters experience passionately as seen in a later quality.
He is responsive to whatever is taking place in the present moment. He doesn't push away nor pull to himself any aspects of his experience. He is open to whatever is happening.
He isn't trying to figure things out in terms of set frames of reference that he brings from the past. He doesn't need to use models to "understand" since he "knows" what is happening.
He manifests the spirit of the Tao described in the Tao Te Ching: he is "doing not-doing." This doesn't mean he's doing nothing. In fact nothing could be further from the truth.
He's modest in his physical surroundings and in his mental attitude. He has distilled the essence of his physical needs, and he can discover the core issue in any circumstances.
He has a sense of wholeness. He doesn't present a fragmented image to the world. His has a sense of completeness that has integrated the various dimensions of his personality.
He is non-judgmental about what he encounters. He isn't critical of who others are or what others do. But he can make judgments about people when decisions are called for. In fact he does so decisively and with strength of conviction.
He's seen as easily approachable. He can as readily interact with well known people as with ordinary folks. But in doing so, he isn't seen as folksy or sentimental.
He can shift from one mode of consciousness to another as easily as he moves from one circumstance to another. He readily connects with his physical, mental, mythical, soulful or cosmic consciousness as the circumstances require.
He successfully blends the masculine and feminine modes of being in his personality. He brings to any situation the mode of being most appropriate to the circumstances. Men have integrated their anima, women their animus.
He's open hearted. But this doesn't mean that he is taken in by anyone's "sob story." This means that his heart in the sense of agape plays as important a role in his being as his mind.
He doesn't make a show of status symbols in his physical surroundings or in the expression of his personality. He may have the trappings of power, but you won't notice them in his behavior or surroundings.
He's consummate in performing his roles. In any situation, he plays his part in "the script" as an accomplished actor, but the results are of no concern to him.
He generates a continuous flow of innovation in his personal process and in his chosen work. He is creative as well in his relationships with others. But he doesn't create in order to demonstrate his power or his success.
He brings a total commitment to whatever he does. In his presence, you sense that his heart and soul are invested in the moment. He's in touch with his "destiny." He knows who and what he is, and he acts accordingly.