Defining Intuition
The elusive quality of defining intuitive experience from both the left and right brain viewpoints.
Assessing Intuition
The PSI and HIP tools for surveying intuitive preferences and an online assessment form.
The Tao of Intuition
The Tao Te Ching in understanding intuition and the Tao Of Managing book illustrating the ideas.
Management Wisdom
The role of wisdom in bridging the gap between what we know and what we need to know in making decisions.

Intuitive Experience Journaling
How to use the Journal, Intuitive Self Profile and Integrating Essay to develop intuitive awareness.
Intuitive Experience Drawing
How to use Mandala and Mandorla drawings to communicate with The Intuitive Self.
Traditional Intuitive Practices
How to use daily activities to evoke and nurture the intuitive attitude of a Meditator in the World.
Using an Oracle
A decision aid that uses the I Ching to discover information relevant to a decision by yielding to the spontaneity of the moment.

Philosophy & Requirements
Overview of our experiential approach and the proficiency needed for online course participation.
Program for Developing Intuition
Description of the presentation levels and a topic outline for a fourteen week course offering.
Participant Feedback
Individual comments that describe the course and the skills learned through participation.

Intuitive Experiences
Examples of intuition journal entries and Intuitive Self Profiles prepared by program participants.
Intuition Bibliography
Annotated references to a variety of perspectives on intuitive experience using the LCC scheme.
Links to Related Sites
Descriptions of and links to sites related to discovering and understanding intuition theme.

A Spiritual Memoir
The seminal writings and critical experiences that shaped my view of intuitive experience.
Personal Explorations
My use of photography, poetry, drawing and sculpture to evoke The Intuitive Self.
Professional Publications
Articles, papers and presentations that trace the evolution of my ideas for this web site.
Professional Resumé
The educational and work experiences that shaped my ideas about The Intuitive Self.
Contact Information
Post office and e-mail addresses, and telephone number to contact me directly about the web site.